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How Can We Help?

We partner with local schools, sports teams, and other charities and community groups to help them fundraise, but also bring a sense of small town community engagement that is at the heart of Fallbrook.  Our mission is to help these organizations raise money organically, support local businesses,  engage parents and other local supporters, and encourage community unity and support!


Are you a local community organization in Fallbrook, CA? 

Sports leagues, charity drives, PTAs, youth groups, 4H, gymnastics, dance troupe - you name it, and we have you covered!  The AVOCARDO is a great way to fundraise!

Order as many or as few cards as you like, and return what you don't sell - FREE OF CHARGE!  

We recommend selling the cards at 100% profit - which is easy, because they are worth SO much!  The parents have spoken, and everyone loves the value offered with FINDING FALLBROOK!!

CONTACT US for your community group  fundraising efforts!

Drive Business with us

We couldn't accomplish our goals without the  valuable partnerships we have created with local businesses!  From long established Fallbrook staples, to new local mom and pop shops, and everything in between - we have the community covered, and we can not tell you how much the local support is appreciated!

It costs nothing to have your business featured on FINDING FALLBROOK, and it does everything to drive new customers through your door, while also supporting local charities and community groups!

CONTACT US if you are a local business and would like to offer a discount on Finding Fallbrook!

purchase for yourself today

If you live in or around Fallbrook, follow the link at the bottom of the page to purchase your own Finding Fallbrook Community Discount Card, the AVOCARDO!  Whether you use it for yourself, or as a gift, it's the best way to Find Fallbrook!

Buy your AVOCARDO today, and start taking advantage of discounts at many of your favorite Fallbrook shops, restaurants, and more!

CONTACT US if you would like to take advantage of all that Finding Fallbrook offers - whether for yourself or as a great gift!